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Model: White Dwarf: October 2013
Kod producenta: White Dwarf: October 2013
Waga produktu: 0.4 kg
Realizacja zamówienia: 1 dni
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Producent: Games Workshop

White Dwarf Marzec 2017

156 stron wypełnionych po brzegi ciekawymi artykułami ze świata gier Games Workshop. Znajdziecie tu sekcje takie jak: Army of the Month, the Battle Report, A Tale of Four Warlords, the Ultimate Guide, Blanchitsu, Readers’ Models oraz wiele innych.

W tym numerze między innymi:

  • In the Bunker
  • Planet Warhammer – all the latest news
  • A Brand-New Dawn – We preview Dawn of War III
  • Spike! Magazine
  • Shadows Over Hammerhal
  • A Tale of Four Warlords
  • The Saga of Guilliman
  • ’Eavy Metal 
  • The Ultimate Guide to… Stormcast Eternals
  • Golden Demon
  • Illuminations
  • The General’s Almanack
  • Gathering the Hosts – Four great armies.
  • The Hallowguild Massacre – Our Battle Report!
  • Temporal Distort
  • Harlequins in Gangs of Commorragh
  • Sprues and Glue – The Fallen 
  • Paint Splatter
  • Materials and Textures – Painting Masterclass 
  • Blood for the Blood God – A Khorne Parade Ground
  • Readers’ Models